About the Program

The Africa Business Club strives to partner with organizations that share our goals of making a lasting impact and being a leading force in the world of African business. Our partnerships are based on trust, empowerment, transparency and mutually strategic benefits.

We provide our sponsors with access to some of the most talented students and valuable resources that Harvard Business School has to offer whilst collaborating to develop and implement programs that benefit our organizations' members.

Corporate Packages last for a year but the relationships that are developed last much longer and often lead to additional opportunities that our partners continuously benefit from. We are always exploring new ideas, strategies, and perspectives to enhance our partners' experience.

Why Become A Partner

As a potential corporate partner, we invite you to consider the benefits this opportunity will present.

Harvard Business School hosts one of the top MBA degree programs in the world and our members are among the most successful and motivated contributors to the student body and society. Our global network includes leading experts, notable faculty, accomplished professionals and other Africa Business Clubs at other schools.

In addition to direct opportunities to build relationships with Africa Business Club members and the greater Harvard Community, partnering with the Africa Business Club offers ample opportunities for our Partners to raise awareness about their Company and programs. The Africa Business Club looks forward to building a long lasting relationship with your Company as our partner.