1. What part of my application is most important during its evaluation?
No single part of your HBS application is most important. The Admissions Board will take comprehensively review your entire application and take all parts into consideration.

2. What is the minimum GMAT score required for acceptance to HBS?
There is no minimum GMAT score required for acceptance and admitted applicants have a wide range of scores. However, recent class statistics can be used as a guide. The range of GMAT scores for current students is 580-790 with a median score of 730.

3. When is the latest I can write the GMAT exam?
When submitting the application, unofficial GMAT scores may be used. Official scores, when delivered to the school at a later date, will be used for verification purposes. Note that test scores are generally valid for only a certain number of years (usually five) so be sure to check that your test results will be valid for your application period.

4. What is the minimum work experience required for acceptance to HBS?
The MBA program is designed for students who have work experience. This way, students can both gain more from and contribute more to the program and to their fellow students' learning experiences. HBS also encourages students approaching their final year in university to apply. If accepted, they will be offered a deferred admission and would be expected to complete 2 years of work experience.

5. I am neither a Management Consultant nor Investment Banker. Do I stand a chance at being admitted?
Absolutely! The MBA program seeks candidates from a very diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. For more details regarding the class make-up, please visit the HBS class statistics page at: www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/class-statistics/

6. Do my undergraduate institution and degree affect my admission chances?
Again, the program seeks candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. More information can be found in the class statistics.

7. What qualities does HBS look for in a candidate?
The Admissions Board puts "an emphasis on leadership potential, strong academic ability, and personal qualities and characteristics". In addition to this, the Board also looks for individuals who have engaged in community citizenship activities.

8. What constitutes a good letter of recommendation?
HBS requires three letter of recommendation. The admissions team suggests that two of these should come from professional references. At least one professional reference should come from a current of recent manager or supervisor. A good recommendation letter would answer the questions, respect the word limits and give specific examples as they relate to the applicant.

9. My application has been rejected. May I request an application fee refund?
No, the application fee is non-refundable.

10. My application has been rejected. May I ask for feedback for a future application?
No, unfortunately the Admissions office will not give specific feedback related to a candidate's unsuccessful application. Advice as to whether a candidate should apply in the future will also not be given.

11. May I request an interview after submitting my application?
No, all interviews are by invitation only.

12. I have been invited to attend an interview. What can I expect?
Interviews take place either in person on campus or via Skype and last approximately 30 minutes. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you better and determine if you will be a good fit for the HBS MBA class.

13. I have been invited to attend an interview. How should I prepare?
There is no best way to prepare! The idea is for the Admissions Board member to get to know you better so just be relaxed, be prepared to talk about yourself and communicate your views and responses in a clear and concise manner.

14. I have been accepted! How do I finance my MBA?
HBS attempts to make its program accessible to students for whom financing is an obstacle. The school offers varying amounts of financial aid to international students. For more information regarding financial aid, please visit www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/financialaid.html

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