Time frame: 3-6 months (beginning May-June 2018)

Ignite Fund Liberia is a Pico-Cap investment fund making quasi-equity investments in small and growing businesses in post-conflict Liberia. Ignite Fund Liberia is looking for Masters student or Graduate with a degree in Finance, Business Administration, Economics or other related field. The intern will work with a small and motivated fund management team based in Monrovia. The position offers first hand experience with portfolio management, due diligence, deal structuring and financial management while providing an opportunity to work directly with the Fund Manager and portfolio companies. The internship will give applicants an opportunity to learn about the intricacies of small/medium business ownership in Liberia and the effects of direct quasi-equity investments in a post-conflict economy.


  • Masters degree, or currently a candidate, in Finance, Business Administration, Economics (or related field)
  • Experience with fund management
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills

About Ignite Fund Liberia:

Small Liberian businesses struggle to gain access to financing from traditional financial institutions because they lack collateral, operating history and positive cash flow. In Liberia there is a mismatch between the investments entrepreneurs need and the investments most impact funds are willing to make. Many funds have descended into Liberia hoping to make investments in the $250,000 to $3 million range, only to find a lack of suitable opportunities. At the same time, Liberian entrepreneurs are looking for $20,000 - $100,000 investments and are unable to find them.

Ignite Fund Liberia solves this problem by making up to $250,000 investments ($50,000 on average) in Pico-Cap companies. These companies are generally small, local businesses with the potential of first-year annual free cash flow between $10,000 and $20,000. Investments are quasiequity, meaning they are intended to be a hybrid of an equity and debt structure. Investments are structured with low interest loan contracts and revenue sharing agreements. In addition to financial instruments, Ignite invests in technical assistance - particularly in coaching and mentoring of portfolio companies - and finance and accounting through a centralized bookkeeping system.

For further information regarding the position and renumeration, or to apply, please contact the Fund Manager @ cesteinbarth@genglobal.org - Applicants, please include a CV and cover letter.