Flare is a fast-growing startup building the emergency response of the future. Our vision is that no matter where you are, or who you are, emergency response is only minutes away.  

In just under a year of operating in Kenya, we have the largest fleet of ambulances and fire responders on one hotline, have massively reduced response times, and have attracted tens of thousands of members through corporate partnerships.

The early success of this network is largely due to the heroes that use the Flare platform: medical professionals, hospitals, ambulance operators, and firefighters. These are the partners who initially inspired us to build the Flare platform, and who we are now looking to further engage in building the emergency response of the future.

Rescue Ambassador

We are looking for a strategist, people person and public speaker. You are responsible for representing the Rescue brand to corporates and consumers. Rescue is the way that you access the growing and extensive Flare network of first responders through a membership service. We are obsessed with perfecting the customer journey and ensuring that we become a permanent service that you cannot live without.

We are a lean team of two founders, several tech and healthcare people, and a puppy. We are growing and focused on creating a fun, solid, and passionate atmosphere in our office. You should be a team player who is ready to join a small and growing family

Ideally, you:

  • Love and understand unbelievable service.  Until everyone realizes our vision of providing life-saving services through Rescue, you aren’t happy. We believe only the best service is what leads to someone becoming a loyal member.

  • Only accept quality work from yourself and others. You take ownership over your work and pride in what you do and produce. You enjoy being critical yet tactful and helping others also produce quality work.     

  • Enjoy mentoring and people management. You are helping to shape the direction of the Rescue product and team and should like to assemble teams and guide the direction of something new.

  • Love being social and are energized by meeting new clients, members and engaging with the public. You draw people to you and secretly enjoy being in the public eye.

  • Have a background. Have worked post University for minimum of 5 years.  We don’t necessarily care what and where, but we want you to be experienced. This shouldn’t be the first time you’re in a leadership position (in a big way). We want to hear about other experiences where you’ve started a new business unit, team, built a loyal customer following or done something impressive.  


  • Manage the growing portfolio of corporate partners and individual households who we have committed to providing life-saving emergency services.

  • Help define the customer journey and how we ensure it matches our vision and values from the point of awareness to selling to providing our services.

  • Manage the day-to-day of the customer experience and quickly learn what is and isn’t working to adapt our engagement strategy and overall journey.

  • Work with our Medical Dispatchers and Sales’ teams to ensure consistency throughout our service provision and promotion and to incorporate learnings and feedback.

  • Represent the Rescue brand through meetings, the media and public events.

Our Values

Unity: at Flare, we believe that we are greater than the sum of our parts. Along with our ambulance company and hospital partners, and using the Flare technology, we can effectively service the entire country, guaranteeing better response times and better coverage than any one company could ever do alone.

Integrity: we make a promise to our partners that we will always be transparent and remain committed to growing their businesses alongside ours.

Excellence: at Flare we are aim to make quality emergency care universal. We’ve made a lot of progress, but it will take grit, creativity, and an ongoing commitment to being better than yesterday - as individuals, as a team, and as a greater network of emergency response.

Speed: in an emergency, every minute matters. It can save your life. We value speed in first response as much as in our day to day work.

If interested, send us your CV to joinus@flare.co.ke.