Application Deadline: 20th February at 5.00pm; apply here on Career Hub.

Role Description

The Manager, Strategy & New Ventures will work on One Acre Fund’s Internal Consulting Team (ICT), and will be responsible for building strategic solutions to key problems, building relationships with One Acre Fund’s leaders, and working to deliver high-quality results towards the organization’s most important strategic initiatives and questions. ICT supports the organization’s highest-priority projects through targeted analysis, research, and capacity support. The Manager will report directly to the Director of Strategy and Research, who leads ICT, and will interact regularly with the Executive Director and other General Partners as key stakeholders in the their projects. Matt Forti, One Acre Fund USA’s Managing Director, will serve as your mentor.

Scope of work: 

The specific scope of work will be determined based on the needs of the organization in July/August 2018. Across their portfolio of work, the Manager will leverage and strengthen core competencies to drive impact for the organization, including strategic thinking and consensus building, analytics, project management, and leadership. The specific scope of work will be defined closer to the Manager’s start date, however, below is a snapshot of a potential scope of work. The areas described below are the biggest initiatives being undertaken by ICT this year, and thus the Manager will likely be doing work in these areas:

  • Chairing a General Partner Working Group: The Manager will likely serve as a strategy partner for a key cross-country leadership team (e.g., Country Directors, Budget Working Group, Impact Working Group). In this role, the Manager will work closely with a group of General Partners to set the agenda for their group and drive key initiatives forward, building their strategic thinking, leadership, consensus-building skills.

  • Analyzing country health check-ups (due diligence): As leadership considers investments across our portfolio of countries, the Manager may be tasked with investigating the “health” of a specific country. The Manager would use their analytical skills and strategic thinking to assess a wide range of aspects of the program (e.g., people/team, systems, program operations, and market context). Building communications skills, the Manager would then be asked to develop a memo outlining any key constraints to growth, and a prioritized list of recommendations for how to address those constraints.

  • Long-term country and expansion planning: The Manager will likely run the expansion process in one of our core countries of operation. This includes carrying out the market research across potential areas of expansion, analyzing a range of quantitative and qualitative data to determine the expansion strategy, and working closely with country leadership to guide key growth decisions and ensure buy-in.

  • Steering org-wide initiatives: Building project management, leadership, and innovation skills, the Manager may be responsible for rolling out an organization-wide initiative across countries and teams. For example, an ICT member was recently tasked with evaluating each country’s Customer Protection strategy, disseminating best practices and shoring up areas of weakness, while revamping our monitoring practices and policy implementation. The project involved negotiating with different stakeholders with different incentives, securing buy-in from country leadership, and instituting cultural change in areas where customer protection was not a major priority.

  • Conducting targeted strategic research, analysis, and communications for General Partners: The Manager will take on targeted research and analysis for General Partners as key opportunities arise that would benefit from strategic thinking from someone with an MBA skill set. This includes conducting new market or new product analysis (e.g., for expansion opportunities in West Africa, or for new product categories like water purification); developing high-level strategic communications content for executives to represent the organization at global events like the Skoll World Forum; and creating and running period data analyses answering key questions for leaders (eg., conducting a repayment analysis for OAF countries of operation, analyze annual staff satisfaction survey to uncover key trends).

  • Management: As a Manager, the Manager will have the opportunity to directly supervise ICT analyst(s), both in support of the Manager’s projects and as a coach/supervisor on the analyst’s own assignments.

  • Capstone project: The Manager will have a unique opportunity to do a "capstone" project as part of their role with ICT on a key strategy question, engaging key senior leaders as stakeholders in the project. 

Career development: 

This role is part of the HBS Leadership Fellows Program. We are hopeful that the Manager would stay on with us for a second year, and there may be opportunities for additional funding from HBS. If the Manager desires, year 2 of this position could be structured as a rotation across 3 departments of interest to the Manager and importance to the organization – e.g., Global Logistics, People Operations and Innovation, and New Country Expansion.

One Acre Fund invests in the professional development of each of our team members from day one. People are always our primary focus: growing capable leaders in our organization means better service for the farmers we work with. As a One Acre Fund staff member, you will have access to an amazing team, strong mentors, actionable feedback from your manager, and regular discussions about your career path. Our training and development team also rolls out new formal skills trainings on a regular basis.

You will also have as much responsibility as possible early on. We are allergic to daily micro-management. We push team members to make their own day-to-day decisions as soon as possible, offer well-reasoned new suggestions, and eventually recruit, train, and manage their own large teams. We back that up with targeted mentorship and skill-building, but strongly believe in autonomy.


Due to visa restrictions, depends on nationality. African nationals may be based in Nairobi, Kenya. Candidates who are not nationals of an African country may be based in Kigali or Rubengera, Rwanda.