Company Overview

Sayo Folawiyo is super passionate about using technology to drive growth on the African continent. A recovering management consultant (Bain&Co)and LSE graduate (Philosophy and Economics), he partnered with Arjun Khoosal(top graduate in his Comp Sci, Maths & Stats year) almost 2 years ago to build IDWork. 

IDWork was started to bring the dignity of the CV to the informal market. On the African content the informal economy drives the majority of GDP and is yet excluded and opaque. Specifically, the founders saw a great opportunity in South Africa to use IT (especially mobile) to remove the obscurity that plagued the $2bn/ year home services market. 

One of the few teams in the space with an in-house development team, IDWork has been able to bootstrap its way to a revenue generating product (driven almost half a million dollars of business to service providers) and subsequently raised seed funding at a strong valuation from leading business names as well as a couple of institutional investors. 

You can read more about IDWork here.

Role Description

Two interns are required to work on some important facets of the business; internships are often used to test and build the early structure of a full time role.

Chief Marketing Officer: Given the nature of our markets here on the content, pure b2c plays are incredibly costly and quite difficult to do. The most voluminous and reliable distribution channels are owned by the big banks, telco etc. The CMO will be responsible for ensuring we can continue to grow and serve our customer base by managing B2C channels, growing B2B2C channel, strong analytic/reporting and safeguarding the brand.

Impact Manager: We are a social impact business. We are also a technology startup. There's a lot going on. We need to build the right metrics and measurement methodologies to make sure we are making the impact we want to make. The impact manager will be responsible for bringing impact best practice and thought leadership into the company as well as lead the actual collection and reporting of impact data.

To apply or learn more about these internships, email Sayo Folawiyo.