Company Overview

EquaLife Group is building an integrated education platform to address the growing global awareness and need for early childhood care and development. EquaLife Group currently provides a variety of high-quality solutions to all stakeholders involved in child development in East Africa. EquaLife Group’s ventures include Little Steps Childcare, the Africa Career Training Institute (ACTi), and other tailored programs for both public and private institutions. 

EquaLife Group is putting together a team of business-minded individuals with strong industry and other relevant experience who are motivated to bring global best practices to emerging markets and adapt them to fit local culture and context to create world-class excellence in product. Each team member has the opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial role within a dynamic team to find new and innovative ways to propel the business forward. We are always looking for the talented individuals who are passionate about being part of a team to lead the way in defining one of the most critical yet often under-appreciated industries to help shape the future of Kenya’s population and positively impact the Kenyan economy. A successful Kenyan launch will allow us to expand to regional and global markets. 

About Little Steps Childcare

Little Steps is a ground-breaking new early childhood development business that is professionalizing the childcare industry in Kenya by operating safe, reliable, and developmentally stimulating childcare centers. Little Steps has three core “customers” that it develops its services to support: children under the age of 3, working professionals with young children, and forward-thinking corporations who understand the need to support employee well-being. Little Steps’ ability to excel is based on its insistence on excellence in health and safety standards and age-appropriate developmental outcomes coupled with refined business acumen applied throughout its operations to create a uniquely rewarding customer experience. Little Steps opened its pilot center in early 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya and is preparing to begin operating dedicated childcare centers alongside corporate partners in early 2018. 

About ACTi

ACTi solves the need for efficient and effective short-course professional and vocational training in markets with high demand for professionally-minded and engaging talent. The core vocational training is for those who seek careers working with young children in formal or informal positions. Our interactive training model and testing methods impart relevant skills and empower students to want to actively engage in their roles as early childhood educators. The general professional training provides students with the core knowledge to be effective in whatever career they may pursue. ACTi also provides a full-suite of support for its students after graduation to guide them in navigating job opportunities and placement process. The development of ACTi is several years in the making, and the launch of the first enrollment class is expected in mid-2017 in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Location: Nairobi, Kenya 

Job Opportunities: Short-Term and Full-Time Positions 

Internships Available: Strategy & Operations, Business Development, Communications, Sales & Marketing, Training Design & Implementation 

Qualifications: The successful applicant should have a minimum of three years’ work experience in finance, management consulting, or a relevant field. Previous emerging markets experience a plus. Strong quantitative and analytical skills coupled with excellent writing and presentation skills are a must. A high level of intellectual curiosity with the ability to work independently in a self-directed environment is needed to excel. 

If you are interested to start a conversation to learn more about a specific position, please send your CV and a Cover Letter to Amanda at