Company Overview

Odrin is a venture funded apparel retail technology venture based out of Johannesburg South Africa. Our long term vision is to provide a better way for people to shop for clothing on the continent and eventually globally. Our model combines a great selection of seasonless wardrobe staples, a seamless multi-channel shopping experience, and technology enabled value added extras. Our starting market is the premium menswear market in South Africa and we have built our namesake brand (premium clothing manufactured locally in South Africa) / established relationships with leading global brands, and built an online store /physical retail outlet combination that launched in Q4 2016. We will use this market to further refine our core technology and sales approach before expanding to other markets / customer segments across the continent. Odrin was founded by Taire Avbovbo, a 2nd generation fashion entrepreneur and a former McKinsey and Company Manager and recent Harvard Business School alum. We are currently looking for outstanding candidates interested in the intersection of technology, retail, and manufacturing. This is a perfect opportunity to be a part of a dynamic forward thinking team that will revolutionize and ultimately capture a large part of the $45 billion apparel retail opportunity across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Summer Internship

We are looking for summer interns who will lead efforts in one or more of the following areas:

  • Operations Management: Develop and implement operations improvement plan for one or more aspects of our business in line with our business goals. Potential focus could involve maximizing customer experience by standardizing in-store processes and by maintaining efficient operations for delivery, and returns. Other focus areas include Implementing a ticketing solution for collecting, monitoring, and resolving customer service inquiries across multiple channels.
  • Own brand / other brand supply chain management: streamline supply chain for our own branded products (maximize working capital efficiency / minimize delivery time)
  • Finance and Business Intelligence: Work with top management team to provide strategic business input that helps shape the future of the business.
  • Other areas: These include product development, and sales channel management. There is also the opportunity to create your own roll based on an initial assessment of our business needs.

How to Apply

We are accepting applicants for our Midyear (May – September) and End of year (Sep – Jan) internship periods. If you are Interested or simply have additional questions, please send your inquiries or your CV to