Africa Healthcare Network is building the first dialysis chain across East Africa, providing high-quality, life-saving dialysis at an affordable cost to both the local patient population and patients from neighboring countries, which do not have centers of their own. AHN brings world-class technical expertise combined with developing world practical operating experience to a region in dire need of quality dialysis treatment. To level set, in North America, over 97% of patients requiring treatment for kidney disease receive care; in East Africa, less than 5% receive care. AHN’s goal is to increase access to high quality care at a lower cost to patients, delivered through a sustainable business model. AHN owns and operates three dialysis centers in Rwanda and is the largest in country with over 60% market share. In January, AHN began its expansion in Tanzania with the goal of opening three centers by year-end. 

Job Description - Director of Growth and New Market Expansion

We are looking for a hustler and a strategic thinker who has an interest in the healthcare space, working in a small team and moving quickly in a fast paced, ambiguous environment. You will work alongside the CEO and COO to scale the business by opening new centers across Rwanda and launching operations in Tanzania. Our goal is for this candidate to grow into a full-time role as a New Market Expansion Lead or Regional Director. In this role you will be responsible for building partnerships with healthcare organizations, finding new markets for the company, and working closely with the CEO to establish subsidiaries of Africa Healthcare Network and navigate the regulatory environments in each new market. 

You must have extremely strong communication and presentation skills, as you will often be asked to represent AHN at external events and meetings to external stakeholders (including government officials, hospital directors and physicians). You should be an analytically driven, resourceful and creative professional, who enjoys the challenge of driving change, collaborating, pivoting and innovating for a high growth business. 

You must be able to take initiative, prioritize and manage your time effectively. While profitability and growth are two metrics by which we define success, patient care and high quality outcomes hold equal status at the Company – you must be passionate about delivering the highest quality care! 


  • 2+ years of experience in business development (preferably in a startup environment), strategy consulting or finance (private equity, venture capital) 
  • Personality profile to fit into a high-growth, entrepreneurial culture that requires teamwork and significant interaction with employees at all levels
  • Prior experience working in Africa or prior experience working in healthcare services, with significant cultural awareness/EQ
  • Self-starter – ability to work in a self-directed way while keeping everyone informed
  • Ability to manage details and also think high level (dig through the weeds, but have the 10,000 foot view)
  • Willing to work hard, get your hands dirty and run through walls to achieve results (without a big staff) 
  • Able to anticipating and identifying opportunities and developing insight at a strategic level
  • Fluency in French or Swahili is a positive! 

If you are interested in applying for this role, please contact Nikhil Pereira-Kamath, the CEO and co-founder, at this e-mail.