Company Overview

The Jasmine Effect is a Philadelphia-based technology company that creates virtual marketplaces for American companies sending large numbers of staff overseas for extended durations. We have a client who is undertaking a large building project in Nairobi, Kenya, and will be sending 50+ employees to live in Nairobi for the duration of the project, which should last ~4 years. We have been contracted by this client to create one of our virtual marketplaces, which are designed to make the process of relocating large numbers of staff easier, safer, and more cost-effective. More specifically, this entails sourcing local real estate rentals and local merchants in a manner that circumvents middleman fees, counteracts price inflation, and creates an equitable, safe, and convenient medium of exchange that benefits both parties. Our client's Nairobi project will be breaking ground later this year and as such, we are on a very tight deadline. 

Internship Details

The length of this internship would be 2-4 weeks, and pay would be commensurate with the weekly rate that a Harvard MBA or other graduate student of that caliber would receive for a typical summer internship. 

We are looking for a candidate who is either from Nairobi or has spent considerable time there. Our ideal candidate must demonstrate strong leadership; possess good networking and communication skills; must command very strong negotiation skills; must be reliable and able to work independently; and must be a self-starter/entrepreneur. Ideally, the candidate would already be planning on traveling to Kenya for winter break. 

Application Process

Interested students should contact James Latta, the Founder and President of The Jasmine Effect, at, including a CV in the e-mail. A decision will be made soon so the window of opportunity is very short.